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National Nutrition Month: 3 Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle

At Eightyone 20, individuals who are always in the move, and ready for the next adventure inspire our collection. Whether it's running faster, jumping higher, or a new personal best, we are committed to helping athletes go the extra distance with garments designed to perform. And as National Nutrition Month comes to a close, we wanted to put together a quick primer on some habits that can lead to a healthy and nutritious life.


While this might sound obvious, eating healthy is not always about counting calories. We often overlook that a healthy diet is about differentiating between good and bad choices based on your goals and nutrition needs. There is no one food or drink that is the crucial item to maintaining perfect health. Shopping smarter, eating a large variety of foods, trying new things, and maintaining balance is key.

Have fun with your food! With healthy inspiration at your fingertips, you can easily stay motivated daily by tons of food bloggers, cooking sites, and produce markets, especially on Instagram. 

For National Nutrition Month, check out these mouth-watering accounts that Eightyone 20 has been loving:



Regular physical activity is certainly a must. Even the busiest person can find the time for physical activities that are both beneficial and enjoyable. Whether it’s doing yoga, or taking kickboxing classes, the important this is that you get moving. With so many options and ways to exercise, you can explore the world from new and exciting angles and uncover your passion for fitness.

At Eightyone 20, here are some of the everyday ways we stay moving:

  • Take a 15 minute break on your lunch break
  • Sign up for a 5K walk with your friends and family
  • Plan a hiking trip
  • Run or bike to work
  • Join a fitness club
  • Take yoga classes
  • Participate in social sports like football or soccer
  • Go rock climbing


If you look good, you’ll feel good!

Wearing the right fitness activewear can make a world of a difference. That’s why at Eightyone 20 we worked for over a year in developing garments with performance in mind. Our fabrics are specially designed for even the toughest workouts, such as our EVERDRY tee. Knowing that the right clothes can motivate you even before you hit the gym, we have refined every detail to create inspired designs that look as good as they perform. At EIGHTYONE 20 activewear we are committed to helping you go the extra mile.

Starting a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, but make these changes slowly will surely have a positive outcome. Once you really get into an active lifestyle and creating an enjoyable regiment, it’s easy to realize how much fun it can be.

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