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#DesignedToMove with Sidney Henne

Wearing 81|20 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Continuing our #designedtomove series, this week we sat down with Sidney Henne where she spoke to us about her passion for traveling, and the many ways in which she keeps her mind and body active.

Where is home?
Uf. Always a loaded question for me! My first home was a skyscraper in New Jersey overlooking Manhattan. But my father is a German immigrant, and so a few years after I was born our family moved to northern Germany. After five fabulous years going to school, making friends, and being closer to my grandparents — my mother became homesick. The next few years took us to Texas, Connecticut, and upstate New York. Finally, half way through high school, we settled for a few years in a house in northern New Jersey. Fordham was the ninth school I'd attended in my life. So, in a way, home is being on the move for me. But if you're asking me to name the city I call home today, and will always have coursing through my blood, it's New York. My earliest memories were on my balcony overlooking the skyline. My mom is from Queens, and we often returned here as a home base. I've now lived here almost 8 years — it's the longest I've ever been in one place. So if there's one city I call home, it's New York.

What do you do in your spare time?
As you might imagine: travel! If I'm not traveling, I'm reading about travel or booking my next escape. I recently went a little overboard and bought 5 new Lonely Planet guidebooks in one sitting. I also read a lot of non-travel. I just finished Department of Speculation by Jenny Offill. And I listen to about a bajillion podcasts — really great for Subway commutes. I'm endlessly trying to fuel my curious and restless soul!

Is there a quote that describes you the most?
Urgh — as cliche as it is — Carpe Diem. Live in the present, there's no reason not to soak in every experience, to squeeze every ounce of wonderful from the world around you. In Drake's words: #YOLO.

Luang Prabang, Laos. 

Title of a song that describes your personality?
"Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab for Cutie. It's about finding the balance between being in your head, and being in the present. About having a million thoughts and wants, and knowing they have a time and place. About living in the now and having adventure ahead of you. And I believe there are roads left in all of our shoes.

How do you keep your life interesting?
Taking in new experiences. Sometimes that means travel. Other times it means taking a hip-hop dance class. Most times it means visiting every eating establishment in New York City in pursuit of becoming the ultimate burger authority on this island.

Fun fact that most people don’t know about you?
Everyone who knows me knows this about me, but I cry during emotional commercials. No, really. Don't even get me started on movies — guaranteed waterworks.

What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?
I just started meditation a few months ago. The greatest thing it's taught me is to clear space in my brain for the important things. And there's still so much out in this world to fill my head with. So every day is a new chance to challenge myself, to learn something new about the world.

What does being active mean to you?
It means being on the move! It means exploring. It means being good to your body.

What do you do to keep fit?
I mix fitness and yoga. I use the NTC app to help me work out — it's like having a personal trainer!  And yoga helps me recalibrate. I'm not really a runner, but this year one of my New Year's resolutions is to train for a short race.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, at sunrise                              Kayaking in Vang Vieng, Laos.

How would you describe your style?
I'd say it's Polished Casual. I like to pair old and new, well-made and threadbare, smart and comfortable.

What attracted you to 8120?
EIGHTYONE 20 is exactly that — polished casual. It's comfortable enough for people on the move, but looks sleek & chic enough to wear every day.

Is there an 8120 article of clothing that you can’t live without?
The Raglan Zipper Hoodie. It's comfortable, perfect for being on the move, and in the Prune color — it always gets noticed.

Most adventurous thing you’ve done so far?
I backpacked alone through Southeast Asia for three weeks. It was my first time traveling alone, and it was incredibly freeing. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself to date, and I encourage everyone to travel alone at least once in his/her life.

What’s your next adventure for 2015 going to be?
I have a few little trips brewing, but the biggest right now is a trip to Turkey in September.

Head over to Sidney's Instagram profile @littlebeingbigworld to follow the little and the big trips, here and there, as she tries to find little truths all over this big world!

All Photo Credits to Sidney Henne. The interview was edited for clarity and length. 
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