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Inspiration from our Studio: Nikola Olic

Hypnotic - Houston, Texas

With surreal and dizzying photography, Nikola Olic has undoubtedly reached milestones as a photographer. Known for his groundbreaking contributions to photographic composition, he is certainly the epitome of what it means to be spirited, imaginative, experimental, and conceptual. Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, the Dallas-based photographer focuses on “architectural photography and abstract structural quotes that reimagine their subjects in dimensionless and disorienting ways.

Stairs - Fort Worth Texas    

At EIGHTYONE 20, during our design process, we are continuously inspired by the architectural lines that he captures. Nikola Olic’s avant-garde and abstract approach influences EIGHTYONE 20 and all elements of our brand and our activewear.

Diagonal - Dallas, Texas

Every photograph of his has a story to tell, with a nickname of each structure as Olic sees it from his viewfinder. His work, like Twisted Building, Lasagna, Hypnotic, and Ripped, his alluring, abstract view of design and architecture allows us to see the world as he sees it. His work gives new meaning to the reflections, stories, and histories of each city structure that he graces with his camera. Olic’s tremendous eye for interesting shapes, combined with the complexity of his angles lead to memorable highlights of shapes, vibrancy, layers, lighting, drama, and reflections. Every twist, turn, tilt and angle of his camera creates a unique vision, capturing captivating images that people want to look at repeatedly. Influenced by the greats of photography, like Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Andre Kertesz, and Berenice Abbott, Nikola Olic has a clear understanding of how drastically different things can look from every angle. His works show the extraordinary beauty in everyday architecture that we may overlook on a daily basis. Our designers at EIGHTONE 20 will continue to be inspired by the Nikola Olic’s effortless capacity to engage and captivate, all while doing what he loves.

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