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Inspiration from our Studio: Alex Cornell

Taking the world by storm with a single photograph, Alex Cornell, first caught our eye as he made headlines by capturing a rare and strikingly beautiful image of the underside of an Iceberg. Cornell is undoubtedly recognized as what it truly means to prolific and driven. His passionate spirit and on-going momentum towards all things creative inspires and influences Eightyone 20 and all aspects of our activewear brand.

During an expedition to Antarctica, Cornell captured detailed images of a recently flipped iceberg. These photos that he shared were spread faster than anything that he had ever released, capturing the attention of thousands in an instant. Originally from Bethesda, Maryland, the now California-based interface designer, filmmaker, and musician released something incredible to the world, feeling responsible to contribute something bigger than himself.


Convincing his favorite designer, and now mentor, Scott Hansen, to hire him as a designer, putting his graduate school program on hold to establish his own business and moving forward to find his creative outlet proves that he has acquired his many rewards by taking extensive risks.

Making his mark on the design world with his latest undertakings, Cornell is now the founder of Moonbase, a studio and blog well-crafted to keep readers cultured on all things graphics, design, photography, and cinematography-related.

“The cool thing about design, especially in tech, is that people are using what you make. They’re getting real utility out of the tools you design.”



The Eightyone 20 team will continue to be inspired by Alex Cornell, who continues to delve into extraordinary endeavors. At Eightyone 20 we will remain passionately creative, unafraid to take risks, and well-versed in our craft, just as he is.

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