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#DesignedToMove with Helena Oun

Continuing our ‪#‎designedtomove‬ series, this week we spoke to 'Healthy and Nourished' creator, Helena Oun, about life as a model, her transition towards a healthy lifestyle, and her journey to becoming a certified Holistic Nutritionist and starting her own healthy lifestyle journal.


Where is home?
Home is where I feel most complete with myself. Since I travel a lot, I have learned to feel at home wherever I am. It all depends on when my heart and mind are in peace together. 

Describe what you do for a living?
For past 10 years I was a full time fashion model. One year ago I finished my Holistic Nutritionist studies and started HealthyandNourished.com. Now I work as a nutritionist and write health and nutrition related articles for several publications. I'm also studying Sports nutrition and I really want to educate myself as much as I can on these topics.

What was life like as a model?
That was probably the greatest experience, what really made me the person I am today. Modeling taught me so much about who I am as a person and really showed me how to deal with different situations in life. It gave me such a strong foundation of independence. Life as a model is pretty insane, but as a young woman it is probably the greatest job to have. 


What pushed you to transition into a healthy lifestyle and eventually become a certified Holistic Nutritionist?
It all started five years ago when I really felt the need for a change; change from the typical model lifestyle of parties and late night junk food. I really felt like I lost myself somewhere in the modeling industry and I really wanted to feel better in my own skin. I knew that all changes must start with myself and  so I decided to change my eating habits for better and get back on track with an athletic lifestyle. But during my own process I learned so much and became more and more interested in those topics. All of this happened so naturally and I really feel like that is something I'm meant to do!  

Tell us about your blog Healthy and Nourished.
Healthy & Nourished really came to life year ago. Today it is a place where everyone can find something to read about. I talk about topics like nutrition, recipes, yoga, workouts, health, healthy body image issues and what it really is to be a woman in today's society. I actually want to build a community where women really can be themselves with all their rawness and be accepted as they are. My website offers different nutrition services and I'm collaborating with experienced Reiki practitioner who's services are also available through my site. There are so many ways to grow and I'm so excited to see where it all will take me.

What inspired you to take the leap and start your own blog?
I felt like there was so many health and nutrition related websites, but it was all very commercialized with empty talk. They all used same words like "diet" and "perfect body"… it was something that no average woman can ever relate to. I wanted to talk about real things, real struggles and really share my own experiences. I had so many struggles with my body and health during my modeling years and there are not many outlets where women can get that kind of support or motivation that they now can find at Healthy&Nourished. I don't want to promote perfection or ideal beauty. I simply want to see women being confident in their own skin and really enjoy having a meal and not feel guilty about it!

Healthy and Nourished’ features 6 amazing services. Tell us about them.
My philosophy is all about focusing on every client individually and really get to know my clients. I don't have just one "right" kind of eating plans or just one kind of "truth". I really focus on my clients lifestyle and how it will be the easiest and most comfortable way for them to improve their eating habits. I want to see my clients really enjoying being healthy and following my guidance. I don't want see my clients dieting and feeling hungry. I offer services like Personal Consultation, Healthy Travel Planning, 3 Day Meal Plan, Detox Tips, Cooking with Healthy&Nourished and Reiki. 

Favorite recipe that’s been featured on your blog?

Asian Glass Noodle Wok that is so ridiculously easy and so delicious. It's definitely my latest favorite! 



pack of Glass Noodles

2tsp Tahini

block of Tofu

2 Carrots, thin slices

1 Zucchini, thin slices

1 Red bell Pepper

1 big handful of Mushrooms

1 Onion

1 tbsp Soy Sauce

Fresh Juice of 1 Orange


Title of a song that describes your personality? Is there a quote that describes you the most?
"The best teacher is experience and not through someone's distorted point of view” 

Diana Ross – I'm Coming Out

You’ve had the pleasure of visiting 18 places around the world. Which was your favorite thus far?Actually I probably have visited over 30 different countries, but these 18 are just in past years while blogging. I really feel like home in Seoul and Shanghai. These cities are very special to me and I have very deep connection with these places. But also I love Amsterdam and Italy. It is so hard to choose that one favorite, because every city I lived have it's own story and memories. 

Your blog has 478 posts and counting!  What can readers expect within the near future?
I really want to focus on women in today's society. I want to start talking about things we are supposed to hide or deny, like insecurities and trying to be "perfect" all the time. I find it so insane that society and media have such a pressure on women to be something that they don't have to be. I really want to make women realize that they are most in peace and complete when they really learn to love, respect and value themselves. I see such a black hole with these topics, because we are so scared to open up about these things. But we are all the same, we go through similar struggles, so I find it important to talk about these issues. I'm working on some new projects what will probably come out in next 6 months and I'm really excited to share.


How would you describe your style?
Urban Athletic Chic. I really like to mix sporty and tomboyish things with very classic and feminine items. 

What attracted you to 8120?
I like to see active wear brands really focusing on details and it is so important for sportswear to really have specially designed fabrics for performance. It's all about the combination of passion and quality.

What’s your next adventure for 2015 going to be?
There are several very fun projects I'm working with and I really want to learn and grow as much as I can in the process. My life will always be full of traveling and new opportunities, so I want to really be present and enjoy these moments.

To stay up to date with Helena's adventures be sure to follow her on Instagram @helenaounxoxo

The interview was edited for clarity and length. All Photo Credits to @helenaounxoxo. 

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